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Drinking Water for weight loss - Hydro Therapy

That's true drinking water aids in weight loss. Not all the people who are overweight, necessarily have stubborn fat. Retention of water in body may also cause overweight. Drinking water helps to shed your weight, just not that it also helps to maintain health and boost immunity. All you have to know is When to Drink? How much to drink? How to drink?

How much quantity of water must be taken by an individual in a day?

The right answer is not by measuring the litres of water you drink, but by looking at the color of urine passed. Make sure the urine color is pale yellow to no color. If your urine is dark yellow and starts smelling it signifies poor water intake and flushing of toxins from your body is poor. Drink whenever you are thirsty, never ignore your thirst. Never delay in quenching your thirst.

Always drink luke warm water to boost weight loss. Never drink cold water as it will disturb your inner body temperature.

When to drink Luke Warm Water (LWW)?

Morning after defecating and brushing your teeth, have 2 glass of LWW.

Approximately 300ml of water. You can have 3 glasses of warm water in case of constipation.

150ml of LWW 30 minutes before having your meals

150ml of LWW 45 minutes after your meals

300ml of LWW 1 hour before sleep.

Also, quench your thirst with LWW whenever you are thirsty in between.

How to drink LWW?

Sounds silly? Nope. Always have water sitting down never in standing position. Eat your water. That's right. Just like sipping your tea/coffee, enjoy sipping your water. With each mouth of water your saliva also mixes well and goes down the digestive system. This aids proper digestion of food, relieves gastritis, removes constipation. Avoid having water in lying down which will cause imbalance in your tri-dosha as well digestive system.

Happy water drinking!!!

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