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No more boring plain water - Try Infused water

Infused Water

Everyone knows drinking water regularly is very healthy for your body.

It helps in removing toxins from the body, also helps in maintaining body Ph level. However, most of us prefer

# carbonated drinks,

# energy boosters drinks or

# artificially sweetened juices.

Let me tell you the secret of the so called “Energy Drinks”. They are just artificially colored, sugar drinks and serves no purpose in boosting your energy. More importantly you pay money and get nothing in return.

I heard your mind voice (if everything is not good for the body, then what should we drink).

You can try naturally flavored water for refreshing feel. Homemade - safety and healthy!

How should it be done?

Simple. In a glass jar fill drinking water and add slice of any Citrus Fruits, Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables or Herbs for 4 to 5 hours;

Then drink the refreshing naturally flavored water. Once the water is emptied, remove the contents and refill the jar again with fresh slices of your choice of fruits, veggies or herbs.

Why this is more beneficial than you normal water & other energy boosting drinks?

Drinking plain water is mostly boring all the time which we try replacing it with other forms of beverages or drinks, these kinds of infused water which is naturally flavored makes you feel refreshing and has its own health benefits more than you can imagine.

It helps in

Tastier and flavorful than your regular drinking water (Of course you know that)

Boosting Immunity

Combats dryness in your skin,

Gives glowing skin

Reduces acnes and pimple

Relieves sore throat

Helps in better digestion of food,

Removes constipation.

Big No No(s)

Mushy vegetables and fruits doesn’t give a good flavor to the water. Try avoiding them.

Never keep the water in refrigerator, or use ice cubes for making or drinking infused water.

Do not leave the Fruits & Vegetables for more than 5 hours, even if the water is not used, remove the contents from the jar, and drink the water.

Stick to Glass material, Earthenware, Stainless steel bottles or jars for making the infused water. Avoid plastics, aluminium, Copper any other metals, since prolong exposure of certain fruits and herbs may react to the metals.

See you in next post with the list of various fruits, herbs and vegetables that can be used in water infusion with its benefits.

Happy Drinking!

***I meant the water

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